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Interventions can be seen as one of the most successful ways of getting an addict into a rehabilitation treatment program. You probably worried about someone in your life, someone you love that has drastically changed as a consequence of his or her drug addiction. Alcohol rehabilitation recovery helps both the addict and his or her family and friends to stop the endless suffering from substance abuse. You may be asking yourself, “How can I assist my friend or family member to regain his or her sobriety?” or “What should I do in getting my friend or family member the help he or she needs?” You may care deeply about your friend or family member and you might be tired of saying no and getting upset about being used and tired of the people who enable your friend or family member with their codependent behavior. You should not be afraid of confrontation—you cannot let fear prevent you from taking action. Take that action by calling 254-272-3179 for details about intervention and how to initiate one.

What Is an Intervention?

An intervention is an experience that is very effective and seeks to convince the addict to go into a recovery treatment facility to address their problems with addiction. People who are worried about the addict, including family, friends, teachers, coaches and members of his or her church or congregation, join forces and meet with the addict to confront him or her about his alcohol or drug addiction and how it has affected them, and persuade him or her to go into treatment. Our approach to  Intervention recovery offers the addict in order to provide him with the opportunity to get help and recover from his addiction. Sometimes the addict is unable to recognize that he or she has a problem, is in denial about it, or is simply unwilling to enter into treatment. During the intervention, it is important to discuss certain problems and issues including providing the addict with:

  • Specific examples of the addict’s dangerous behavior and the way it has influenced him or her and loved ones
  • The proposed treatment plan along with objectives and guidelines that the addict is expected to follow
  • What each participant of the intervention will do if the addict does not enter into a treatment facility

There are four different types of interventions: simple, crisis, classical, and family system.

  • A simple intervention is ‘simply’ asking the person to end his or her harmful behavior; this method should always be attempted first before complex interventions are organized.
  • Crisis intervention is used to manage dangerous, risky circumstances, for example reckless driving, violence, or severe drug addiction.
  • A classic intervention is orchestrated with the single goal being to get the addict to enter treatment immediately.
  • The family system intervention is where the entire family is the focus of the intervention, and because socially dysfunctional environments develop from situations where there has been addiction or family violence, it is critical that everyone involved agrees to modify their behavior.

What Is the Difference Between Intervention and Rehabilitation?

Though both are essential to the recovery process, it is imperative to keep in mind that there is a difference between interventions and rehab. We have been serving the Waco area for over ten years and we encourage the addict’s friends, family, and other people who care about him or her to organize an intervention with the objective being to convince the addict to enter into a treatment program to help him or she recover from his or her disease. An intervention should not be substituted for a recovery program that is likely not enough to make an addict stop using it. At our rehabilitation centers the client learns about his or her illness of substance addiction, how he or she can recover from it, and how he or she can achieve long term sobriety.  Our Addiction Intervention Program here in Waco strongly suggests following up an intervention immediately with a recovery program, preferably on the same day as the intervention was held.

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Family members standing by and helplessly watching their loved ones suffer and battle with drug or alcohol addiction can be painful, frightening, and frustrating. Usually, an intervention is an organized, detailed, and structured event because of the nature and number of people involved. However, it can also be as simple as asking the addict to stop his or her behavior. If you or someone you love in the Waco, Tx area is in need of treatment To speak with an interventionist, locate a treatment center, or learn more about addiction, call Rehabilitation Detox Treatment. To get a friend or loved on the assistance he or she so desperately requires, call 254-272-3179 today!